Private Tutorials

I can create programmes for groups or single lessons for individuals as a gift or as an entertainment event. I always produce a fun and very relaxing atmosphere and the lessons are never dull and are always a lasting memory.

Each client is treated individually, and every tutorial is different, but all are relaxed and fun.

Some tutorials are as a gift and some are specified by the purchaser but whatever the requirements, I can make the event totally inspiring and fulfilling.

Often, I can teach as a form of entertainment whether it be in private home for a party or at an event such as a show or a product launch. Many such lessons are giving as gifts such as a wedding present or a birthday and are often a one off, but lessons can be customised to suit any client and ongoing tuition can be easily be arranged.

Private coaching is also available for Students and for qualified chefs who want to increase their knowledge, gain new skills or increase their repertoire. Many experienced and accredited chefs come to me for advice and guidance over their careers and often seek me out as a source of inspiration.

This type of teaching can have therapeutic benefits too for those who live alone or perhaps have someone they need to care for or find it difficult to recruit the right person and need to be more conversant with kitchens and the rules that govern them.