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FAQs: How I can help you.

Here are some guiding notes on how to make your event more successful.

What I do.

I am a freelance chef, not a Caterer, as such you are requiring the services of your very own private chef. The price is a set price, there are no hidden costs or extras to pay, unless you order extra food or extra courses. Each course is served direct to the table, there is no Waiter "silver service" of any kind. We aim for a relaxed and friendly event, unless it is a "formal" event that we have already agreed. You will find me very friendly and calm, my only wish is that you have a great occasion and I will do all that I can to help you and your guests.

What I supply.

I supply the food, cook the meal, serve it to you and leave the kitchen as I found it. On most occasions I supply everything that is needed, including all crockery, cutlery, place mats and all cooking utensils, except a tablecloths and glassware. We don't do any washing up but take everything back to our base. This makes for a smoother operation and allows the guests to enjoy the rest of the event, no need to help we take care of everything so that you can enjoy.

How to choose your menu.

For technical and practical reasons, we cannot accommodate a "multi-choice" menu. Your guests must all have the same choice. However, we can certainly make exceptions to this for Ethnic, Vegan, and Vegetarian guests and also those who have serious Allergen Issues, or even the odd guest who simply cannot eat the choice you've made (i.e. "Grandma doesn't eat fish, could she have chicken? "). Please consult with me and I will advice you.

Can I change the menu's?

Yes of course, you can choose off each of the menus, must they must be in the same price bracket, alternatively I can give you further choices if needed.

Can you explain your style?

I love my clients to really enjoy the food that I cook, each dish is designed to look good, but more importantly taste good too. The portions are ample and hearty, and each main course comes complete with the main item (meat or fish) the starch element (potato, rice or pasta) and a supporting vegetable on the plate with added vegetables at your table. Extra Jus, and sauces are served at your table.

How long does the meal take?

A standard 3 course menu is normally 1.5 hours, we arrive approximately 2 hours beforehand, set your table and prepare for the meal. I always introduce myself to the guests, tell them a little about myself and then take them through the evening and the menu. I stop after the main course and interact with the guests when they can ask questions about food or my career and is a great chance to ask about all the "trade secrets". I am totally unpretentious and will happily work around people who need to be in the kitchen and children and dogs. I only draw the line when there is a Safety or Hygiene issue.

Payments and Cancellations.

Payment details will be forwarded to you upon confirmation of your event and menu. We try to avoid a cancellation charge whenever possible, however, you can cancel up to a full 7days of your date without charge, after that whatever food, time and costs are incurred must be paid for in full, but can be deducted from your deposit if sufficient funds are available.

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