C H E F  B R I A N



Culinary Brand Ambassador

In today’s fast paced world can you be sure that the essence of your company is being heard in the way you really want it to be. Can you be sure your advertising is working for you ?

One to one product placement works best when the representative of your company is there talking to the client but he often he cannot display to large audiences and is unable to seek out that vital connection and company adhesion that you seek from future customers.

That’s where I come in...

With over 45 years of International experience I can act as Product Ambassador for almost any product or food Company. My range of skills and friendly personality make the span of attention worthwhile and lasting, and product adhesion rewarding.

Internationally experienced in 5-star cooking, I have worked for topflight international company’s such as Mobile Oil, Saudi Aramco, Hyatt Regency, Intercontinental, Ikea, La Belle Assiette and many high end private individuals. Classically trained in all aspects of cooking, from Butchery to Patisserie, I am fully knowledgeable in the seasons and availability of culinary products I have the facility’s to product test most food items and the contacts and databases for product trials and placements. I have been instrumental in the food development of many familiar products, some now household names.

My unique services mean you can now have your very own chef and that I can take your product direct into the customers environment and produce the product as it was intended, maximising its full potential. Nothing sells better than seeing the product being used live as it’s the very best form of sales and advertising you can get and a sure way of either clinching the contract or enhancing the reputation of your company.

Agricultural shows and mass audiences are also very popular with the events taking place over several days or even longer, and I can customise the show to almost any criteria or subject including “in vogue” subjects such as Vegan and plant-based diets and Allergen and weight loss awareness.