Masterclass Workshops

Without doubt, my finest forte and passion. The tuition of our future cooks and chefs is a key part of my life and Students adhere to me within minutes of my classes. My skills and life stories are fascinating, amusing and pleasurable.

I can take almost any item and any Brand and create a lecture or class around it. I can plan and co-ordinate dates and schedules around class times and retail openings to ensure maximum absorption of the product.

Whether it be a small or large workshop, Menu planning or staff training my experience can be of huge value to any environment that’s seeks a modern and progressive feel to their products or business.

Many top companies have used my services and experience to enhance their workplace environment.
My theories of Linear design apply not only to the kitchen itself, but I take a fully Holistic approach to all aspects of cooking and its this “speciality” that sets me apart from the rest.

Linking up with the Unichef,Food4kids programme is hugely worthwhile and sees me constantly in touch with schools and colleges, developing recipes and guiding schools on Obesogenic Environments, and creating menus and cost-effective themes designed for healthy eating.

This lifelong passion for teaching and educating others sees me in contact with many colleagues around the world and that involvement and care is always themed into whatever I do and that’s always makes my Masterclass Workshops an exciting and fun day, and an event treasured and remembered by all who attend.